5 Key Safety Practices Good Roofers Observe

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Roofing

Working on a roof repair or replacement comes with inherent risks. Professional roof installers have to deal with heights, using specialized equipment and tools while being careful not to slip and fall. When hiring a roofer, make sure that they can observe good practices that ensure not just the project’s completion but also their safety.

Read on to learn about five of the key safety precautions experienced roofers observe:

1. Work During Good Weather

Sometimes, Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate even when the roofing project is underway. They stop everything as soon as it begins to rain. It is the right call; after all, a wet roof heightens the risk of slipping and falling. It also obstructs proper roofing work—a damp underlayment prevents roof shingle adhesion. A good roofer waits for ideal weather before restarting the project.

2. Secure the Ladder

Experienced roofers make sure there are enough ladders for the job and are safe for use. Before setting off to work on the job site, they first inspect them if they are faulty or need to be repaired. This way, they can prevent fatal accidents or injuries.

3.  Wear Proper PPE

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is always a requirement, especially when doing work above the ground. In addition to eye and ear protection, certified roof installers wear traction-based footwear and secure themselves using safety harnesses to prevent slip and fall accidents and injuries in the work zone.

4. Sweep the Roof

Before starting and ending roofing work, roofers always see to it that the roof is clean and free of items that can cause accidents or materials that can block the roof’s visibility.

5. Establish Restricted Areas

People on the ground can be just as vulnerable to accidents as the pros. Before starting the roofing work, roofers close off work areas around the home’s perimeter to prevent unauthorized access.

At Precision Remodeling Solutions, we take pride in ensuring a safe work environment. Expect our highly-trained roofing pros to exercise these aforementioned practices when we work on your roof repair or replacement project. Give us a call at (215) 360-5857 or fill out our contact form to get started.

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