The Homeowner’s Guide to Roof Fall Maintenance

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Fall is an exciting season for people who like spending time outdoors. It is also an ideal time to finish your roof maintenance checklist in order to prepare your home for the tougher conditions during freezing, snowy winter months. A reputable residential roofing company shares some tips to help keep your roof in good shape through the cooler seasons.

Roof Fall Maintenance

Clean the Gutters

Start with your gutters. Leaves, twigs and other debris are the main culprits for blocked gutters. It is crucial to clean your gutters so the flow of rainwater and melted snow remains unobstructed. If not, blockages in the gutters can send back water onto the roof and cause damage to the shingles and underlayment. This can easily lead to leaks.

Check the Ventilation

It is important to call a professional roofer to check the ventilation of your roof. If your roof is well-ventilated, it will regulate excess moisture and keep the temperature inside your home even. A poorly ventilated roof, on the other hand, can melt snow that has built up on the roof surface, causing it to trickle down and refreeze when it reaches the other parts of the roofing system such as gutters.

Inspect the Shingles

A vital step in the maintenance inspection process is to check the shingles. Your roof needs to be in good condition with minimal wear and tear to efficiently protect your home from harsh elements. Ask your roofer if there are any missing or cracked shingles and replace them as soon as possible.

Trim Back Trees

Make sure that there are no large, overhanging tree branches around the roof surface. This is to minimize the amount of dead leaves and debris that collect in your gutters. Trimming back trees can prevent branches from scratching the roof and causing damage. It also slows down the growth of algae and moss which can deface your exterior.

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